We were experiencing several types of problems with our computer and weren’t sure who we could contact to help us out. We needed our computer fixed in a short period of time since we were traveling for several weeks and a faulty computer was a major problem. I was introduced to Charlie through a friend and decided to contact him after several frustrating calls to a local “box store” that would prove to be costly and layered with options that were questionable to me. One call to Charlie and a quick response to visit our home to check our computer was made.

Our appointment was very punctual and was greeted by a very soft spoken and courteous young man. Charlie is very organized and focused on detail to help solve the problem. The service call was diagnosed and we were given a verbal estimate of the scope of work needed with its costs. It was so convenient for us to have Charlie come to our house for his service and also to help us with the purchase of additional equipment. I found most beneficial the written backup instructions that Charlie will establish for you which is part of his service. He covers it all!

I will recommend Charlie to my friends for home computer repair with very reasonable costs. The service doesn’t end there because Charlie will communicate with you as part of his service and is always available for support. I was so happy to find someone who will make a house call and has the expertise to solve your computer related problems.

Neil and Joanne Luke, Linglestown

(This one covered a few areas. The first problem was the laptop running into a memory error shortly after boot time.  A little conversation revealed that a local cable Internet provider had recently provided free ‘malware protection’ to the customer; some diagnostics proved that this ‘protection’ was causing the memory error.  I went ahead and cleaned up that problem and some other software that wasn’t needed, along with general system maintenance and PC training.

Second, the customer was interested in adding a printer and, after we spoke, a low cost backup solution.  Since Neil and Joanne had already found a low cost all in one print device they really wanted to use, I steered them toward a suitable, low cost USB drive that would meet their needs and that could be purchased at the same local store – a ‘big box’ store, as the customer worded it. 

After Neil and Joanne bought the printer and USB drive, I returned to install the devices and provide them with some basic PC training on the use of Windows integrated backup and the printer’s more advanced functions.  Since they expressed an interest in learning to use spreadsheets for a household budget, I also provided a simple introduction to spreadsheets to get them started.

This customer review is in full, unedited and used with permission. – Charles)