PC Training: In Home PC Maintenance: Neil & Joanne Luke: Linglestown

We were experiencing several types of problems with our computer and weren't sure who we could contact to help us out. We needed our computer fixed in a short period of time since we were traveling for several weeks and a faulty computer was a major problem. I was introduced to Charlie through a friend and decided to contact him after several frustrating calls to a local "box store" that would prove to be costly and layered with options that were questionable to me. One call to Charlie and a quick response to visit our home to check our computer [...]

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Data Transfer: In Home Service: Kelly Lebo: Newport

I am easily the least technologically gifted person on the planet.  I, however, love technology!  I love gadgets and I always want the newest things so I buy it and I don't know what to do with it beyond the basic stuff.  I don't know how to really use anything I have to it's fullest ability.  And trying to get information from one device to another, well it would've gotten real ugly real quick with devices being thrown, I'm quite certain.  But since I need to have it and have it function properly (and understand it's function), I'm fortunate enough [...]

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Power Supply: In Home PC Repair: Stephanie Jones: Newport

I was very happy with the services I received from Molnar Home Computing.  Charles was very thorough in his initial visit to diagnose what was wrong with my computer.  His rates were very reasonable and weekend availablility was exactly what I needed with my work schedule.  I thought my computer was dead, but Charles brought it back to life with a simple new piece of equipment.  All of my personal pictures were on my home computer and Charles made sure to take every precaution in saving them, should I have to replace my system.  No need!  I would highly recommend [...]

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