I am easily the least technologically gifted person on the planet.  I, however, love technology!  I love gadgets and I always want the newest things so I buy it and I don’t know what to do with it beyond the basic stuff.  I don’t know how to really use anything I have to it’s fullest ability.  And trying to get information from one device to another, well it would’ve gotten real ugly real quick with devices being thrown, I’m quite certain.  But since I need to have it and have it function properly (and understand it’s function), I’m fortunate enough to know someone who can help.  One message to Molnar Home Computing and Charles had me scheduled for an in-home consultation within a few short days.  When he arrived, he had a detailed list of things we discussed and easily conquered checking each item off the list as he completed the tasks.  Charles was extremely knowledgeable, organized and resourceful and managed to have me squared away with ease in a few short hours.  He was very professional and courteous and his rates were more than reasonable…. AND HE CAME TO MY HOUSE!!  I didn’t have to haul computer towers, laptops, iPods or hard drives anywhere.  As a working mother with 2 very involved teenage boys, it was a huge convenience that everything took place in my home and on my time.

Kelly Mitchell Lebo

(This one wasn’t bad at all.  Kelly needed a data transfer from a laptop and tower to a new tower and a data transfer from an older iPhone to a newer iPhone.  One challenge was a failing Windows installation on the old tower: easy enough to get around that problem.  The only tricky part was getting her iTunes account to sync for the phone data transfer.  We got through it with a little bit of patience, though, and the end result?  Two successful instances of data transfer and one more happy customer.

This customer’s review is in full, unedited and used with her permission. – Charles)